Does the synthetic turf get hot ?
A: Using the correct amount of Synthetic Turf infill sand broomed into the profile to the product warranty specification requirements allows the product to best maintain optimum performance in all environmental factors.

Is Australian or Chinese synthetic turf better ?
A: You will always get what you pay for and Australian made products are always for application in our environment which I think plays a massive part in quality production in a competitive market.

Is Synthetic Turf pet friendly ?
A: When adding a zeolite based infill along with the finishing sand broomed into the profile, it carries the ammonia from the pets packages to take away the smell really well. Every 3-6 months on average you can apply an enzyme cleaner, supplied on project completion, before and after a big rain which sanitizes the breakdown and neutralises any built up smells in the grass. Works really well and they love the synthetic turf texture under the paw.

Does water drain through the grass?
A: Yes, good quality Synthetic turf product lines are designed with drainage holes to ensure water drains as efficiently as natural grass. If drainage isn’t an issue now, it certainly won’t become one when your synthetic grass is installed.

Do I need to vacuum the synthetic turf to keep it clean?
A: No, just a good Homelite blower from Bunnings will do the job by blowing all the leaves off like you’re in your own action movie scene will work well.

How often do I need to replace the sand?
A: You don’t. After installation that will be as much as your synthetic turf requires to function at optimum capacity for life.

Will the grass fade?
A: NO, The preferred choices in Australian made synthetic turf are UV stable so they don’t fade and maintain that crisp look and finish.

Does Artificial turf require maintenance?
A: Yes. Artificial turf will however require much less maintenance than a regular lawn but it does need some basic care. Remove leaves and debris on a fairly regular basis to keep grass looking its best. An occasional brushing with a stiff brush will be beneficial and hose wash for more extreme soiling.